To date, NECS has positively impacted the lives of over 2000 youth and their families. This number continues to grow each day.


“At 12 years old, I met Mark Reeves and was introduced to what would grow into what is now The NECS Family. Mark has been a hero to me since age 12. Mark and I have bonded and continuously built trust with each other. Since being with NECS, I have developed to prepare for college and live on my own. NECS is a great community and will provide lots of opportunities for those to follow. I have seen NECS grow along with me and I will forever be grateful for the dedication, commitment, honesty, and determination that NECS has shown to me. I have been lied to, abused, overmedicated, and falsely hospitalized. I have lost my Mom at the age of 4 years old and was prevented from going to my Mom’s funeral. I have been hidden from my family until 19 years old and now because of NECS, I feel like I am somebody. I feel like I can trust the NECS family.

My hope for NECS in the future is that it grows statewide very fast and provides service in more and more areas to reach those, like me, who are in need of this type of service. NECS provides legendary service that people like me can only benefit from.”


“About a couple years ago, I was a young kid doing kid things, mostly bad things. I learned a lot from NECS, and its programs have turned my life around. I have met people that I would have never considered family. From the start, I have connected with them more so than other social services for kids. NECS is amazing because I am doing way better now. I have become more successful, and I feel like I have a successful future to look forward to. I am more successful financially; I feel smarter; I am more involved with the community, and I am doing a lot of good things with my friends. I do physical training with the Marine Corps every month. I wish I could repay NECS in the future. Although, I know it won’t happen because you would never accept it.

I see NECS growing, getting bigger, and working with more people. When people join, they think they are just another kid with another agency. The agency is going to get paid for this. Very quickly you realize that this is not the case with NECS.”


How has NECS impacted your life?
It made me a better person to sit down with someone and talk about life. Talk about whatever I want to talk about in life. To be able to talk about the problems of life with someone and have them help me figure things out. I am now in After Care and I am invited to events and activities. My former youth life coach still hangs out with me from time to time.

How can NECS improve?
I don’t even know… I feel like saying more activities, but I feel like there is already enough activities. I wish there was more time to hang out with everybody. I wish there were more group hangouts with the whole NECS family.

How could NECS change?
I only thing is that I don’t like waking up early in the morning. But is part of the event sometimes.

What is the one NECS experience that has changed you the most?
One experience would be when we did a group thing a couple of years ago with Brian Bullock and we did a group huddle. The huddle would be the one significant thing that changed me more than anything.”