Our programs and services are strength based, felxible and meet the unique needs of our youth and families.

Our Model.

At NECS we are committed to cultivating our clients’ inner confidence, personal development, and life skills through one-on-one Life Coaching. We acknowledge that each client comes to NECS with complex life experiences, a variety stress factors, and often uncertain future trajectories, which is why our priority is to build strong, trustworthy, and engaging interpersonal connections with both our clients and their families. Our program model is one that honors and respects the identities of our clients and their diverse social locations. As such, NECS partners their clients and life coach by drawing upon their strengths, their shared experiences and the unique needs of each client. NECS has a rich history of engaging youth in life coaching that not only enables youth to rebuild broken bridges and restore meaningful relationships in their lives but also help to establish new, personal, and rooted connections their communities.

Our Programs.

The MARK Program – Mentoring At-Risk Kids

We are committed to providing our clients with Life Coaching that goes above and beyond the basic needs of our clients. We believe that a healthy mind, body, and spirit, combined with education and opportunity, allow for bright and independent futures. With this belief, NECS assists clients from all walks of life and listens to their stories, hears their struggles, and celebrates their strengths.

MYA – Mentoring Young Adults

The primary focus of our Mentoring Emerging Young Adults (MEYA) Program is to continue to nurture our youth and adult relationships and to cultivate positive relationships with their peers. We also will continue to connect our clients to safe and stable homes, schools, and workplaces; promote opportunities for physical and mental health; offer and attach them to education or vocational training, and provide community services and civic participation opportunities.


Parental Support- Parent Aide

In collaboration with parent(s), a Game Plan is developed that supports improved mental health, self-esteem, parenting and social functioning so that parents are better prepared to support their children and household.


Clinical Assessments

For the last eight years, New England Community Services (NECS) has provided culturally responsive parenting evaluations to the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DCF). Our standard evaluation includes a mix of clinical interviews with the parent, observation of child and parent (observation of child behavior during parent-child interaction or clinical observations of the parent and child) relevant document review, and collateral contacts as needed. This evaluation aims to determine the quality and ability of the parent to provide developmentally appropriate responsive parenting to their child.

In addition, NECS is pleased to introduce a new component of our evaluation program Psychological Evaluation for children, teens, and adults. Psychological testing can be requested as a standalone service or as an add-on to a parent evaluation when a more in-depth understanding of a client’s functioning is needed. Cognitive and/or projective testing is performed by a licensed clinical psychologist’s subject evaluator availability. This service is not billed through MassHealth or any other health insurance but is offered as part of the NECS contracted rate structure. 


Remote Academic Engagement (RAE)

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a significant amount of stress in the families that NECS serves.  A considerable part of their stress revolves around remote learning.  NECS is committed to addressing remote learning needs with our Remote Academic Engagement (RAE) program. RAE will engage youth and support them academically and emotionally while faced with the challenges of distant learning. The program will offer one-on-one virtual tutoring to help youth with their specific learning style and academic needs.  Youth can bring specific classwork and assignments to sessions or get general academic support.  

RAE will also offer support to youth with alternative learning styles. A component of RAE focuses on music and other creative styles.  This component allows youth to engage while using an alternative learning model.

RAE will also address the parent’s needs regarding supporting their children with distant learning. Parents are given an outlet to discuss their specific needs and concerns, and NECS helps them with these challenges. RAE was created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic; however, its components are now a long-term program to support the youth and families that NECS serves.


We take our clients goals seriously – we make game plans; designed within the mentor-client alliance, game plans require strategy, creativity, and craftsmanship as goals are created, monitored, adapted, and accomplished. We are proud that our NECS life coaches are willing to “go the extra mile,” think innovatively and be flexible as they work alongside their clients to achieve their goals. Our life coaches are sincerely committed to building lasting, positive and impactful relationships with each one of their youth.


NECS acknowledges the influence of society in shaping one’s gender and values the power and the personal growth that can occur when these distinct experiences as young men and women can be shared confidently in a group setting. We provide this gender-specific style of programming in different forms in a targeted effort to best meet the diverse and evolving needs of our clients. In doing this, we offer our clients opportunities to develop their social, emotional and interpersonal skills while receiving peer support in a mentor-guided, safe, therapeutic group environment.


NECS looks forward to witnessing the growth of our youth through the growth of the garden.


Finding Inner Toughness is a fitness and sports training series.


Parent groups and programming.

Open Arms

NECS offers LGBTQ youth a positive, reliable, and safe resource as they navigate crucial times in their adolescence. 


Our Girls Excelling in Maturity & Strength program provides specific programming to address the distinctive needs of our female clientele. Although catered towards our female participants, we welcome any of our clients to participate.


Our MARK program’s Boy’s Huddle provides specific programming to address the distinctive needs of our male clientele. Although catered towards our male participants, we welcome any of our clients to participate.

"NECS provides legendary service that people like me can only benefit from."



"I learned a lot from NECS, and its programs have turned my life around. "

– Cristian

"[NECS has] It made me a better person to sit down with someone and talk about life. Talk about whatever I want to talk about in life."

– Danny