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NECS believes that a healthy mind, body, and spirit, combined with education and opportunity, leads to a positive future. We have a rich track record of reaching youth by providing Life Coaching and wrap-around services that connect youth with family and community resources. Many of our youth have been exposed to "root shock," which is defined as a traumatic stress reaction to the destruction of all or part of one's emotional and social eco-system. Our Life Coaching and engagement model provides opportunities to restore broken connections and build bridges between youth, their families, and communities.



Mark Reeves
Founder and Executive Director

"NECS has positively impacted the lives of over one thousand youth, and will continue to develop strategies and innovative programming to meet the ever changing demands and challenges of at-risk youth. Upon completion of services with NECS, it is our goal that a referred client will no longer require government supported services and that they will become productive and engaged members of the community."

Mark D. Reeves

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